Watch This Hilarious French Bulldog Enjoy Her Puppy Massage

Not a lot of people realize how physically exhausting it actually is to be an adorable little puppy. Their days consist of many important responsibilities like running around in circles, eating dog food, jumping on the couch, chewing their master’s shoes, and napping! “Working like a dog” isn’t a joke; it’s a tough life being this cute!

While these duties might not seem very difficult to me or you, the perfectly cute little puppy in the video below is all worn out from her busy schedule.

French Bulldogs are quite the energetic bunch, and just like the little French Bulldog puppy who couldn’t wait to rush outside for her afternoon walk, this baby has some sore paws in need of a good rubdown.

Though it may sound silly at first, a lot of people are learning of the importance of massaging their littlepets. Not only does it really help build the bonds between the dogs and their humans, but just listen to the noises this dog makes, she is just absolutely in heaven!

She grunts, groans, and even purrs like a cat. The sounds that this beautiful Frenchie makes are completely hilarious, and after you hear how much she enjoys her little massage? You’ll be rubbing your puppy down too!

Our favorite moment is when she sticks her little tongue out… It’s just too adorable!

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