The Swedish Vallhund Is A Wolf That Stays A Pup Forever!

Weve all experienced the joy of seeing a cute puppy.

There is that brief window in a dogs life where the cuteness factor is over the top. But after about six months the puppy becomes bigger, and then after a year he pretty much reaches official dog status, leaving his puppy love cuteness behind! Well it turns out there is one breed of dog that remains a puppy forever! Its the rare Swedish Vallhund which was saved in the 1940s from extinction.

Apparently the Swedish Vallhund dates back 1,000 years to the age of the Vikings! Not only is this dog forever cute, it has some major cool factor attached to it as well, having roots in actual Viking culture!

He mightscare you a little, but I bet you also want to cuddle him badly.

#1. Meet the Swedish Vallhund.

He mightscare you a little, but I bet you also want to cuddle him badly.

#2. They are also referred to as Wolf Corgi, a much better name if you ask me.

The name probably comes from his short leg and its Shepherd head

#3.The Wolf Corgi is basically a shepherd thatwill stay small forever.

#4. But make no mistake

#5. They can attack relentlessly. They are after all hunting dogs and vigilante when needed.

TheWolf Corgi isnt just perfect cuddle material because of its small size they are also fantastic guard dogs. How many more reasons do you need before adopting one?!

Theyrenot much bigger than a French Bulldog.

Only, way cooler

Of course,this Wolf Corgi was a pup himself once

Whoosagoodboyy? Whooooosagoodboooooyyyy?

I cant handle the cuteness anymore!

But all grown up, this is one badass dog!

But above all, the ultimate cuddly Panda-alternative!

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