Pixel The French Bulldog Hilariously Wrestles With His Alligator Toy

Most dogs seem to look at their favorite toys and see two sides: one part best friend, the other part? Mortal enemy who must be destroyed. I can’t tell you how many stuffed animals my own pup has gone through! One minute, she’ll be curled up with her favorite hedgehog under her chin like a pillow. The next minute, she’smanaged to rip off another appendage. It’s a delicate dance that can add up to a lot of dollars spent at the pet store. Of course, I don’t mind the cost. I love my cutie, and she deserves all the toys she wants! I just can’t help but feel sort of bad for the inanimate objects.

When this French bulldog named Pixel sees his most treasured toy, he shows the plush alligator no mercy! It’s like watching a tiny puppy version of Steve Irwin’s old videos. Even before his humans can release the toy to him, Pixel is anxiously growling in anticipation. And it’s not a quick cage match between these two, either. Pixel takes his time to really puthis green buddyin his place. It’s too funny to watch the wiggly lil guy go after it again and again.

Luckily, this gator looks like he’s made of some pretty strong stuff and will be able to go plenty more rounds with the tenacious pup. I just hope his humans remember to keep the camera rolling forthe next matchup!

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