Manny The Frenchie Travels To Brighten The Day Of A Very Sick But Strong Girl

Joycelun has suffered from the genetic disease cystic fibrosis since birth. The disease coats the lungs with a thick mucus, making it extremely difficult to breathe, let alone to do even the simplest tasks like walking up stairs or taking a shower. After a certain point, it becomes critical for those with this conditionto undergo a lung transplant.

Joycelun reached the stagewhen she needed the procedure. Just a little while after she cameout of surgery, she was up in the chair, smiling a huge smile. Her outlook and attitude are so incredibly positive, despite all the horrible things she’s had to endure throughout her life.

One of the things that is always sure to brighten Joycelun’s harder days is Manny the Frenchie, a very talkative pup who’s popular on Facebook and Instagram. Joycelun has always wished that she could meet the pup who helps keep her spirit as lifted as it always is.

Luckily for her, she has an incredible stepsister who wanted to give her one big gift. She wrote to Manny’s people-parent to see if he would be willing to grant “a simple wish for a small town girl fighting to breathe.”

John, Manny’s dad, had a quick talk with his pup, and the two of them figured it was a no-brainer that they needed to catch the next flight out of Chicago to New Orleans to meet this inspiring young woman. As if that weren’tenough already, just wait until 6:19!

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