Filip The Frenchie Will Let You Know When Youre Done Petting Him

As far as famous four-legged cuties go, you can’t get much sweeter than Manny the Frenchie. The silly boy not only has plenty of precious pics and videos to enjoy over on his Instagram and Facebook accounts, but he makes time to let his fans know exactly how much he loves them. Manny also doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight now and then with his brothers, fellow Frenchies Filip and Liam!

Clearly,there’s no shortage of precious puppy love to go around in this little family. Although, you might not think so while watching the silly video of Filip shared by Manny recently. The short clip shows the pup enjoying snuggle time with one of his humans, but by the way he acts, you’d think he’s never had affection before and must make up for lost time.

It definitely reminds me of my own pup! Anytime you stop giving her some belly rubs, her favorite thing in the world, she starts paddling her legs in the air like a tiny dog paddle! Filip is a bit more subtle as he demands more pets from his human, but no less persistent. Every time his owner stops for a moment, he places his paw on her and pouts until she resumes giving him a good scratch.

Of course, the hilarious look on his face as he enjoys the pampering is totally worth the diva behavior. The goofy guy is totally in heaven!

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