Researchers Warn Of Growing Trend For Flat-Faced Dogs


By looking at the number of dogs spanning 180 breeds registered over the past 28 years in Australia, researchers have been able to build up a picture of trends in dog ownership. What they found was a growing trend and popularity for shorter and smaller pedigree dogs with wider and…

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There is now a talent agency for Internet-famous dogs


BY GEOFF WEISS Just as talent managers entered the digital space to guide the careers of influencers who unwittinglyrose to celebrity out of their bedrooms, a similar movement is apparently happening among their canine counterparts. The Dog Agency,reports theWall Street Journal, is one of the first talent management agency for…

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Manny The Frenchie Travels To Brighten The Day Of A Very Sick But Strong Girl


Joycelun has suffered from the genetic disease cystic fibrosis since birth. The disease coats the lungs with a thick mucus, making it extremely difficult to breathe, let alone to do even the simplest tasks like walking up stairs or taking a shower. After a certain point, it becomes critical for…

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How Dogs Transform The Lives Of People With HIV


In 2010, Dr. Robert Garofalo, an adolescent medicine specialist who has dedicated his career to treating HIV-positive kids, found out he was HIV-positive, too. “I was in a really dark place in my life,” said Garofalo, who now heads the adolescent medicine division at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago and…

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An Air Canada pilot put a dog’s life above profit. It’s exceptional and how the world should be.


A lot of times, we hear bad stories about airlines. Terrible wait times while stuck on the plane, bad customer service. But this time, the story (originally reported by CityNews) is sweet. A dog’s first flying adventure almost goes horribly wrong. Simba, a 7-year-old French bulldog, was taking the first…

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