You Have To See This Hilarious MRI of Barry White the French Bulldog To Believe It

1 Here’s a little background for those unaware: This is what the outside of a French Bulldog looks like a little goofy, but still pretty adorable. Shutterstock One particular French Bulldog by the name of Barry White (no relation that we know of to the singer) had to go for…

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This adorable French Bulldog wanted to sit on the couch with his owner, but when hes told no? OMG!


Here we have perhaps the cutest French Bulldog who is physically and verbally begging his owner permission to be let up on the couch to lay down and relax! How bad does he want up there? Well at first he is quite calm about it, giving only a pouting face…

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French Bulldog Springs To Action And Scares Bears Away From House


Incredible footage of a little French Bulldog chasing away not just one, but two big bears! This 20 pound Frenchie immediately took action when it saw these two bears invade the premises. There was no stopping this fella as he charged and didnt even back down when one bear got…

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Pixel The French Bulldog Hilariously Wrestles With His Alligator Toy


Most dogs seem to look at their favorite toys and see two sides: one part best friend, the other part? Mortal enemy who must be destroyed. I can’t tell you how many stuffed animals my own pup has gone through! One minute, she’ll be curled up with her favorite hedgehog…

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Bulldog Sings With Owner In The Car


It’s important to have a best friend; someone who can party, hang out, and, most importantly, sing songs with you. Walter Ledermüller has such a best friend, a sweet little French bulldog named Junior. With the help of Junior, this duo sings a beautiful take on Josef Salvat’s cover of…

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Throw Your Phone Out — This Is The Best Alarm Clock You’ll Ever Find


Apps, traditional alarm clocks, radios…they all have one fatal flaw when it comes to waking you up. You can silence them. The snooze button is our best friend and worst enemy. Which is why you need to get this adorable alarm clock complete with a no-snooze function. We guarantee this…

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This Guy Got Busted With His Dog On The Couch. But When I Saw What, I Couldnt Help But Laugh. Brilliant!


This may be the cutest dog video you will see all year! Pinga is a French Bulldog who loves to get down with his owner for a serious session of synchronized dance. They get to it with T.I.s Whatever You Like and its pretty amazing how spot on this dog…

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This french bulldog doesnt want to go to bed. His argument is great!


This is Frenchie the bulldog. Frenchie doesn’t want to go to bed…until he gives up the fight. Share Frenchie. Read more:

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Watch This Hilarious French Bulldog Enjoy Her Puppy Massage


Not a lot of people realize how physically exhausting it actually is to be an adorable little puppy. Their days consist of many important responsibilities like running around in circles, eating dog food, jumping on the couch, chewing their master’s shoes, and napping! “Working like a dog” isn’t a joke;…

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Filip The Frenchie Will Let You Know When Youre Done Petting Him


As far as famous four-legged cuties go, you can’t get much sweeter than Manny the Frenchie. The silly boy not only has plenty of precious pics and videos to enjoy over on his Instagram and Facebook accounts, but he makes time to let his fans know exactly how much he…

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