Teddy The Sweet Little Dog Plays In The Rain For The First Time


Dogs always seem to amuse us in some way, but Teddy takes the cake in the rain. While most doggies could do without getting wet, this little French bulldog welcomes it with open paws. Teddy is incredibly amused while he jumps around in curiosity with a steady pour of rain…

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16+ Dogs With Their Cute Mini-Mes


The desire to have a family is hard-wired in most of us, and animals are no exception. A mother dog bonds with her pups through her sense of smell, which is why it can be a bad idea to separate the pups from their mother; depending on the olfactory (smell)…

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A Very Patient French Bulldog Really Just Wants To Take A Nap


Children without siblings get used to a certain way of life. They get used to quiet when they seek silence. They grow accustomed to a certain amount of attention. They do not have to regularly share their toys or the television with other people their age. But what happens when…

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I Photograph My Daughter And Dog In The Same Settings


About a year ago my daughter got a hat from my parents as a present, on a whim I photographed her and my dog wearing the same hat. I got hooked on coming up with fun scenarios comparing the dog and the kid. Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/daughter-dog-same-setting-photography-jesse-holland/

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This Tiny French Bulldog Might Actually Be The Most Adorable Puppy Ever


If you own a dog, you know bringing a puppy into your home is almost like having a baby. Yep, aside from being insanely cute, these little guys love taking naps during the day and disrupting your sleep by waking you up at all sorts of ungodly hours. If there’s…

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Baby & Bulldog Born On Same Day Think Theyre Brothers And Do Everything Together


Dog’s are often called “man’s best friend,” but what about babies? When Chicago mother Ivette Ivens, 25, saw a French bulldog puppy that was born on the same day as her baby son Dilan, she knew it was a sign. “I saw Farley’s birth date and just knew it’s meant…

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This French Bulldog in a Wooly Mammoth Costume Will Warm Your Prehistoric Heart


Read more: http://cheezburger.com/79052033/video-french-bulldog-in-wooly-mammoth-costume

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