French Bulldog Boxing Training (Video)


  French Bulldog Boxing Training (Video) Mochi the french bulldog is the best sparring partner a man can ask for. By simply giving him a rubber chew toy this man can practice his jab and uppercut with his dog. via Ryan McCrory   Read more:

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French Bulldog Springs To Action And Scares Bears Away From House


Incredible footage of a little French Bulldog chasing away not just one, but two big bears! This 20 pound Frenchie immediately took action when it saw these two bears invade the premises. There was no stopping this fella as he charged and didnt even back down when one bear got…

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Researchers Warn Of Growing Trend For Flat-Faced Dogs


By looking at the number of dogs spanning 180 breeds registered over the past 28 years in Australia, researchers have been able to build up a picture of trends in dog ownership. What they found was a growing trend and popularity for shorter and smaller pedigree dogs with wider and…

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There is now a talent agency for Internet-famous dogs


BY GEOFF WEISS Just as talent managers entered the digital space to guide the careers of influencers who unwittinglyrose to celebrity out of their bedrooms, a similar movement is apparently happening among their canine counterparts. The Dog Agency,reports theWall Street Journal, is one of the first talent management agency for…

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Pixel The French Bulldog Hilariously Wrestles With His Alligator Toy


Most dogs seem to look at their favorite toys and see two sides: one part best friend, the other part? Mortal enemy who must be destroyed. I can’t tell you how many stuffed animals my own pup has gone through! One minute, she’ll be curled up with her favorite hedgehog…

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French Bulldog Skillfully Keeps Balloon From Hitting The Ground


As much as I love any kind of animal, I will forever be a “dog person,” and this is just one of the many videos that should explain why. Sure, cats make great pets and they do some pretty weird things that will keep youconstantly laughing, but nothing compares to…

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Teddy The Sweet Little Dog Plays In The Rain For The First Time


Dogs always seem to amuse us in some way, but Teddy takes the cake in the rain. While most doggies could do without getting wet, this little French bulldog welcomes it with open paws. Teddy is incredibly amused while he jumps around in curiosity with a steady pour of rain…

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16+ Dogs With Their Cute Mini-Mes


The desire to have a family is hard-wired in most of us, and animals are no exception. A mother dog bonds with her pups through her sense of smell, which is why it can be a bad idea to separate the pups from their mother; depending on the olfactory (smell)…

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Manny The Frenchie Travels To Brighten The Day Of A Very Sick But Strong Girl


Joycelun has suffered from the genetic disease cystic fibrosis since birth. The disease coats the lungs with a thick mucus, making it extremely difficult to breathe, let alone to do even the simplest tasks like walking up stairs or taking a shower. After a certain point, it becomes critical for…

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Bulldog Sings With Owner In The Car


It’s important to have a best friend; someone who can party, hang out, and, most importantly, sing songs with you. Walter Ledermüller has such a best friend, a sweet little French bulldog named Junior. With the help of Junior, this duo sings a beautiful take on Josef Salvat’s cover of…

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