Adorable Frenchie Makes The Silliest Sounds While Enjoying The Sand

The best part about sharing your life with a puppy pal is how unpredictable those cuties can be! Sure, sometimes that means coming home to a mess so bad you could swear they spontaneously multiplied while you were gone, but more often it’s an adorable quirk thatputs the biggest smile on our faces. Some owners have even been able to train their dogs to do some pretty impressive stuff, like the silly pooch who can play piano on command! The melody might not be the next chart-toppinghit, but it sure is hilarious.

The sweet Frenchie in the video belowmakes his own share of funny sounds when he hits the sand with his human. His name is Carlos, and I think it’s pretty safe to say the French bulldog is in hog heaven with this new discovery. Still onlya puppy, he just can’t contain all his precious excitement as he rolls around and digs into the fresh sediment. It makes me feel like a kid again watching him tumble around the tiny mound! It may be small, but Carlos is definitely the king of this hill as he enjoys himself to his heart’s content.

If he gets this worked-up over some sand, I wonder what he’ll do when he sees snow! Or better yet, takes a trip to the beach and feels the waves crashing into the sand, too! Whatever he does next, here’shopinghis owners plan to keep recording this cute boy’sintroduction to all the wonderful delights of the world.

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