A Very Patient French Bulldog Really Just Wants To Take A Nap

Children without siblings get used to a certain way of life. They get used to quiet when they seek silence. They grow accustomed to a certain amount of attention. They do not have to regularly share their toys or the television with other people their age. But what happens when an only child turns into an older sibling? The whole world turns upside down and nothing makes sense anymore.

No longer does the first-born rule over the play room. Afternoon nap time is no longer a time for peace. Snack time becomes a compromise between what both little ones prefer. The biggest change of all is that the former-only-child becomes a figure of authority and assumes a certain amount of responsibility for the happiness and safety for the new baby.

This French bulldog lived a life of leisure for a certain amount of time… until his humans decided that it was time to introduce a rowdy little kitten to the household. Now, this pup is a gentle guy, and he wants to be the best big brother a dog can be. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still want his alone time! That’s when the struggle comes in. The new kitten thinks that it’s play time, but Frenchie? It’s nap time for him, and there’s nothing he can do to make his feline sibling understand that.

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