This french bulldog doesnt want to go to bed. His argument is great!


This is Frenchie the bulldog. Frenchie doesn’t want to go to bed…until he gives up the fight. Share Frenchie. Read more:

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Watch This Hilarious French Bulldog Enjoy Her Puppy Massage


Not a lot of people realize how physically exhausting it actually is to be an adorable little puppy. Their days consist of many important responsibilities like running around in circles, eating dog food, jumping on the couch, chewing their master’s shoes, and napping! “Working like a dog” isn’t a joke;…

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An Air Canada pilot put a dog’s life above profit. It’s exceptional and how the world should be.


A lot of times, we hear bad stories about airlines. Terrible wait times while stuck on the plane, bad customer service. But this time, the story (originally reported by CityNews) is sweet. A dog’s first flying adventure almost goes horribly wrong. Simba, a 7-year-old French bulldog, was taking the first…

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Baby & Bulldog Born On Same Day Think Theyre Brothers And Do Everything Together


Dog’s are often called “man’s best friend,” but what about babies? When Chicago mother Ivette Ivens, 25, saw a French bulldog puppy that was born on the same day as her baby son Dilan, she knew it was a sign. “I saw Farley’s birth date and just knew it’s meant…

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Filip The Frenchie Will Let You Know When Youre Done Petting Him


As far as famous four-legged cuties go, you can’t get much sweeter than Manny the Frenchie. The silly boy not only has plenty of precious pics and videos to enjoy over on his Instagram and Facebook accounts, but he makes time to let his fans know exactly how much he…

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French Bulldog Rides Rocking Horse (Video)


French Bulldog Rides Rocking Horse (Video) Manny the French Bulldog didn’t care that the rocking horse was meant for babies. He hopped on top of it and had the time of his life rocking back and forth. via Read more:

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This French Bulldog in a Wooly Mammoth Costume Will Warm Your Prehistoric Heart


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Adorable Frenchie Makes The Silliest Sounds While Enjoying The Sand


The best part about sharing your life with a puppy pal is how unpredictable those cuties can be! Sure, sometimes that means coming home to a mess so bad you could swear they spontaneously multiplied while you were gone, but more often it’s an adorable quirk thatputs the biggest smile…

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